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General information

Our general information for massage and nail clients

General FAQ

Business hours

Bookings are essential. We are open Tuesday to Friday 09:30 to 7PM, and Saturday 09:30 to 6PM. We are closed Sundays and Mondays, and all public holidays.


We are a professional massage and nail operation. The only services we offer are those listed here on our website. We do not provide services offsite. Note also we are not medical professionals; should you have a medical condition you are advised to take medical advice before having a massage.

Before coming

Please ensure you are clean and showered before coming for a massage or a nail appointment. If you are feeling unwell please advise us and stay home and we will happily rebook you for a later date. 

Your health

For nails there are normally no health issues to consider; the only chemicals used are acetone and isopropyl alcohol for cleaning and sterilising . However, for massage, please be aware that massage can raise your blood pressure and increase your circulation. For these reasons we do NOT recommend massage for anyone who has any form of cancer, any lymph gland related illnesses, high blood pressure, or who is pregnant or attempting to become pregnant. If in doubt please consult your medical professional before booking an appointment. 

Our facilities

As we are a home business, we do not have any toileting or showering facilities available.

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